Services to Catalyze the Living Reality of Your Genius Potential

If you wish to book a session, setup a longer-term contract or a free consultation, please reach out to me via the                            page

You can also contact me with any questions you may have about my services and what they may entail.

I offer my services through a couple of different one-on-one formats. You can request an individual session, or a deeper dive into a longer-term, two to six month "Genius Actualization - Life Metamorphosis Program" where we will typically meet once a week for the duration of the program. I strongly recommend the latter as we can go much deeper and co-create powerful, lasting shifts in your experience and reality. 

Are Your Ready To?...

  • Activate Your Specific Genius

  • Unleash Your Authentic Expression

  • Level-Up and Transform Your Life;  Relationships, Health, Business, and Spiritual Path included

  • Be Clearly Guided by Your Own Wisdom

  • Take Full Responsibility for Your Experience and Reality

  • Discover What All of Humanity is Most Deeply Searching for

  • Re-Program Your Life

  • Experience Greater Clarity, Well-Being, Creative Intelligence and Fulfillment

  • Live as an Empowered, Sovereign, Awake Being

  • Lead Humanity into a New Paradigm through Your Unique Embodiment

  • Integrate Your Higher Self with Your Physical Form

Are You Seeking to Discover...

  • Who Am I, Truly?

  • Why Am I Here?

  • How Can I Clear the Self-Limiting Patterns that Seem to Never End?

  • What Is my Unique Genius, and How Can I Live As It?

  • How Can I Access and Live from Clear Insight and Intuition?

  • How Can I Stay Stable Amidst Life's Fleeting Circumstances?

  • How Can I Operate Most Efficiently in my Life, Relationships and Vocation?

  • What Is the Key to Manifesting the Life of my Highest Desire?

What do the sessions entail?

All sessions are intuitively guided and unfold in an organic fashion, in alignment with your greatest healing, awakening and integration. What is most beneficial for you, is what will direct and facilitate our work together. Sessions are facilitated through a fusion of transfigurative healing, frequency work, guided meditation, and awakening and embodiment teachings.

You can come to the session with your greatest intention. What is your absolute highest desire for our time together? What would you love to leave the session or long-term container with? Do you have something specific you want to dive into, or do you want to see how Infinite Intelligence spontaneously unfolds the session for you?


I deeply value your time and commitment and bring my full presence and devotion to your greatest transformation and success.

This is a potent awakening technology. I encourage that you come to the session with a playful attitude and a willingness to take the reins of your life in your own hands.

"Genius Actualization"

Session and Package Pricing

  • Individual sessions: ​

    • 1 Hour: $80-$180 Sliding Scale

  • 3 to 9 month deep-dive program:

    • Reach out through the contact page in order to customize a multiple session package​

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