Michael Thomas Parisi is a lover, explorer and facilitator of the transformational process and advancement of human possibility. He bears a gift of catalyzing core-level shifts and the awakening of one's pure potential, delivered within a space of presence, wisdom and love.


Michael has experienced working with individuals on a one-on-one basis as well as leading groups. He has attended many courses and trainings to develop and hone his abilities, including becoming a certified transformative coach, yoga teacher, intuitive reader, and healing practitioner in multiple modalities; Acutonics, Reiki level III, Shambhalla Multidimensional Healing and Lightwave Energy Technology. 


He expresses that beyond all this, his greatest training has been through the beautiful and challenging initiations of life itself, dancing the song of his intention to embody Truth. From the depths of his heart, Michael delights in serving the vision of an awake, liberated and empowered humanity. 


Michael is a teacher of teachers.  Working with him has been the most authentically transformative experience in my life. I am a small business owner with a very powerful social mission. Therefore, I have needed a soul development program that is applicable for the intensity of my business as well as being a father and a husband. The miracle that has come through is that for the first time in my life I have ceased to chase after something that would improve me ~ or search to find something outside of myself.  Michael masterfully facilitates the unlocking of highest authentic potentiality of Being. The method he has done for me is allowing me to clearly see how I am sovereignly creating my reality. I am now taking personal responsibility for both unconscious and conscious creation. I am so grateful.

-- Graham Duvall, Owner and Operator at Mother Earth Produce

Michael is a naturally gifted, truly aligned, and pure divine being. His presence exudes love from all aspects conceivable and his devotion towards being of service to others is unmatched and truly authentic. A clear and potent channel coupled with strong intuition, Michael is able to create a safe container and transmit pure heart-centered frequencies enabling him to re-calibrate one's soul blueprint and provide vital information.

In my case, Michael helped me become more aware of my unique gifts as he guided me into a safe and secure place where deep healing and transformation took place. What I experienced during the session with Michael, is by far the most potent and pure transmission I have ever received. Thank you Michael for your presence and for all that you bring into this world each and every moment.

-- Arjun Chahal, Victoria, British Columbia

"I would recommend Michael's work to anyone as we all stand to benefit from being held in a space of Loving truth. In my session with Michael I felt instantly at ease. He was able to hold a space anchored in Love where only Truth could enter. His connection with the highest guidance for me in each moment felt direct, pure and radiantly beautiful. His delivery of messages was powerfully combined with breathwork and energy clearing that allowed me to be present to receive. This facilitation deepened my connection to my own divine presence and assisted me in embodying trust. In the weeks immediately following my session I noticed real shifts taking place in my on-the-ground reality as synchronicities revealed themselves with greater speed and fluidity. There became less of a need to "know the future" and a greater ability to soften into what is already here. Michael's intuition is truly beautiful. I am grateful beyond words that he is sharing his work."

-- Angela Grace Galen, Taos, New Mexico

I feel wonderfully transformed since participating in Michael Parisi’s “Divine Blueprint Activation.”. The experience was a profound and delicious massage, re-alignment, and rejuvenation of the spirit within. Michael’s radiant and Self-immersed Presence created a sacred space that bypassed the mind and took us lovingly to the very basis of our being, undergirding all of our faculties: the divine blueprint of the unique constellation of energies we received at birth.

Michael’s ability to weave and expand the vibration around the group, while teaching us with an ancient freshness about who we truly are, is rare and precious. Yet he does it with such selfless integrity. Like a thrush or robin, he seems to open his mouth (and heart) and effortlessly allows an enchanting melodious stream of meaning, intention and healing orchestration to flow forth in beauty, and it’s clearly from the divine Source that knows each one of us intimately.

To anyone who is seeking to unfold the highest potentials of their being for deeper joy, higher consciousness and purpose, and for the greatest good of the New Earth, I unequivocally recommend taking every chance to avail yourself of the wisdom, power, and graced Presence of Michael Parisi! His heart is like a big flame that makes ours grow stronger. He lays out a feast of flowing spiritual bounty, and you will receive guidance of the highest order, grounded in true humility and integrity. You will experience a higher, lighter, more inspired, and more loving expression of your own true Self.  

-- Susan Fay, Seeker and Mother, Chesterfield, New Hampshire

"Michael Parisi is a gifted group facilitator. He is able to focus group energy very gently and lovingly, and shows a natural ease and confidence when speaking and leading processes. He leaves plenty of space for input from others, and the magic of his space-holding is that those contributions from others always feel harmonious and "in the flow." Michael is operating at a high level of spiritual awareness, which makes it easy for others to access deeper levels of their own awakened consciousness. I recommend him highly as a group facilitator and leader!"

-- Benjamin Bernstein, AstroShaman.com

Danggg, I knew my brother was LIT 🔥 but wow. SO next level!

His Soul Blueprint work is INCREDIBLE and I feel such a deep resonance with the purity of his heart which gave access to such profound shifts within my being for and at hemolele (Hawaiian ~ perfect timing). He helps remove false templates that cap/limit the expression of soul energy and aligns and activates the blueprint of the soul.

Last night, I watched as my natural, organic, normal (to my original blueprint) expression came instantly and effortlessly to the surface with his loving attention.

I’m extremely sensitive and intuitive and I never once felt unresonant with anything he brought through — brother is so clear and that level of presence heals and integrates on contact. Wowowowow.

I *highly* recommend him!!! Mahalo nui, Michael.

-- Barrett Tegner Jr.



"Michael Thomas Parisi facilitates a container that allows divine intelligence to clearly stream through in messages that support the here and now of birthing and living the Golden Age. His presence emanates unconditional love and compassion for all beings, allowing oneself to feel safe in the vulnerability of their fullest expression. A pillar of Source energy, Michael grounds the Living Light we are. His authentic expression allows others to go beyond the veil of separation, empowering you as the master of your existence in your truth of infinite love and potential. Michael guides you to the actualization that you are perfection in your presence of pure being; you are an embodied Creator."

-- Emily K.


“There is something to be noticed about intuition that comes from a space of love and well being for others , it resolves around the way the divine manifests and communicates with us. Michael's readings share communication on the wavelength  of the higher self. Communicating directly with insight into what is in your highest good. Allowing information to be brought forth that helps you fully open to who we truly are.  It was a blessing”

-- Michael Guymon, Peoria, Illinois

"Michael is an incredibly gifted healer. He holds such an intensely gratifying sacred space during his ritual practice that the energy "work" becomes comfortable and playful. His soothing energy facilitates both a profound release and extremely growth-filled experience."

- Kelsey Reed Armbruster, Asheville, NC


“My life has moved forward tremendously in the month and a half since my session with Michael.”

-- Dana McMaster, Clearwater, FL

“Using a variety of sounds and energetic modalities, Michael creates and maintains a sacred space for deep healing and profound transformation.  He is relaxed, grounded and present while giving himself fully to facilitating the flow of loving vibrations for healing on multiple levels. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sound healing sessions with Michael and look forward to more.”

-- Marjorie Vestal, Asheville, NC

Yoga Instructor

Esoteric Healer


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