"Your unique Genius is the quintessence

of your existence."

Feel inspired to ignite the spark of your true Genius?

Why is it that we revere the Great Beings such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Quan Yin, Isis, Mary Magdalene and others of similar stature?...

They are a pure, fresh, unique expression of Life itself.

They are authentically, essentially themselves. These beings are not a remake of anyone or anything else. 

As human beings, we all equally carry this potential; to embody and express our Genius, fully integrated with our human form.

The embodied expression of this Genius is the quintessential potential of your existence. This is what we are all looking for in the search for fulfillment, happiness, and higher purpose. 


Living from this Genius is the key to:

  • expressing your genuine blueprint and gifts into the world,

  • being your own source of fulfillment and authority, 

  • thriving in all areas of your life, and

  • tapping into the infinite source of innate well-being, peace of mind, wisdom, guidance, creativity and joy!

Over time this Genius has been obscured by distortions of your past, family lineage and the human collective at large. These distortions, or filters, are what creates the illusory identity of who you think you are. 

This greatly limits your experience and the reality you materialize. 
The more you release these distortions, the more your unique Genius is naturally revealed, embodied and fluidly expressed.

This is the work of Younique Genius... 


To catalyze the embodiment and empowerment of your incredible potential through immensely effective means.

Are you ready to begin?

Hi, my name is Michael and I am the transformational facilitator and mentor here at Younique Genius. It is a great joy to help you discover the key within you that unlocks your greatest potential and the expression of your Genius. 

What is your highest intention for your life?

Are you curious of how to eliminate stress and self-doubt? ... how to access peace of mind, higher performance, creative intelligence, and a deeper sense of well-being?

Do you want to live a grander, more awakened, clearly guided, successful and thriving life?

Are you eager to feel more whole, empowered, fulfilled, effective and on-purpose?

Are you ready to release the patterns that limit your experience, expression and reality and keep you feeling stuck?

Are you willing to take full responsibility for your experience, and commit to being your truest Self?

"Michael is a teacher of teachers.  Working with him has been the most authentically transformative experience in my life.”

-Graham Duvall, Asheville, NC, USA.

"To anyone who is seeking to unfold the highest potentials of their being for deeper joy, higher consciousness and purpose, I unequivocally recommend taking every chance to avail yourself of the wisdom, power, and graced Presence of Michael Parisi!"

- Susan Fay, Seeker and Mother, Chesterfield, New Hampshire

In my case, Michael helped me become more aware of my unique gifts as he guided me into a safe and secure place where deep healing and transformation took place. What I experienced during the session with Michael, is by far the most potent and pure transmission I have ever received.

-Arjun Chahal, Victoria, British Columbia

This facilitation deepened my connection to my own divine presence and assisted me in embodying trust. In the weeks immediately following my session I noticed real shifts taking place in my on-the-ground reality as synchronicities revealed themselves with greater speed and fluidity.

-Angela Grace, Taos, New Mexico

Michael's authentic expression allows you to go beyond the veil of separation, empowering you as the master of your existence in your truth of infinite love and potential.

- Emily, Big Island, Hawaii

© 2020 by Michael Thomas Parisi. 

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